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Bosendorfer Exclusive Financing Promotion
September / October 2019


Bösendorfer Model 225


The semi concert grand – Inimitable sound

Our model 225 grand piano is built for the stage. Its inimitable sound derives from a combination of experience, skilled craftsmanship, technological expertise, musicality and benefits for the customer.

Polished Ebony Finish



Extended bass range

to bottom F

92 keys



 Bösendorfer 6'7"

Model 200CS

Satin Ebony Finish 

The sound and dynamics of this piano unfold effortlessly. 

The excellent action provides sensitive touch and control.constantly bringing expression to its fullest.






Yamaha's premier piano

Artisan model

Built in Vienna Austria

Adair Piano authorized dealer


Porsche Bösendorfer

Ultimate Design

Perfectly shaped design matching the grand piano: The exterior of the Bösendorfer Grand designed by F.A. Porsche honours both companies obsessed with the ultimate design. The high-tech material of the piano’s lid is lightweight honeycomb allowing it to be neatly integrated in the outer silhouette of the piano. Finished in metallic blue this piano will consume the attention of any spectator. Perfected aesthetics by F.A. Porsche, perfected sound by Bösendorfer.