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Model 155 SS


For the first time in ten years, Bösendorfer has decided to design a brand new grand piano model. The new instrument is aimed at the grand piano segment around five feet in length. With the new 155 cm (5'1") grand piano, Bösendorfer can expand its product range by offering an instrument in a highly compact size.



Model 200CS 6'7"


Conservatory Series 


IIts sound and dynamics unfold in a concert hall as well as in your living room.  There are many facets that characterize this piano unmistakably as a Bösendorfer. It is also its smooth, easy to control and very responsive action that makes it so popular. But surely above all it’s the sound - that famous, inspiring Bösendorfer sound.






Model 225



The semi concert grand – Inimitable sound

Our model 225 grand piano is built for the stage. Its inimitable sound derives from a combination of experience, skilled craftsmanship, technological expertise, musicality and benefits for the customer.

Extended bass range to bottom F

92 keys






Model 225



Polished ebony finish


Extended bass range to bottom F

92 keys


Model 290 Imperial


The commanding flagship 9'6"

Eight full octaves


Model 290, the Imperial, carries the Bösendorfer  heritage in its most pronounced form. Historically, the Imperial was the 19th grand piano model made by the Bösendorfer company.


Model 290 Imperial

Eight full octaves

Originally built following a suggestion by composer Ferruccio Busoni, the Imperial has 97 keys, i.e. eight full octaves.




Artisan model

The artistic one

A stunning display of fine hand inlay techniques, is a beautiful work of art even before a single note has been played.


Discreet floral ornamentation

As long ago as the second millennium BC, inlaid work featuring geometric and figurative designs was produced in the Orient as facing for very special objects. The design hallmark of the Artisan is its discreet floral ornamentation worked – by hand, of course – with a variety of excellent woods such as walnut, maple, pear-wood, cherry-wood, mahogany, aruba and burr amboyna.

Artist Series - Klimt Model

The first of our new “Artist Series” pianos is dedicated to Gustav Klimt

The Klimt model is being made in cooperation with the Belvedere Museum, Vienna who have the most extensive collection of Klimt paintings in the world, including the world famous “Kiss”. We have used their own very high resolution image of the Kiss, and through advanced reprographic techniques, have succeeded in reproducing it onto the inside of the lid of our best selling 200 model. Prior to spraying high gloss polyester onto the image, our craftsmen further customise it by applying additional elements of real gold leaf.


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