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Piano Service Call: Office: 803-781-2143   Mr. Adair: 803-315-7641

Piano tuning fees: $165.00 - 240.00.  The basic tuning fee is $165.  If the piano has been neglected in its tuning and service, it will most likely need a "pitch raise" in addition to the tuning.  The fee for the pitch raise is $75.00.  About a third of the pianos we service need the pitch raise.  This is a common additional service that all technicians in our industry encounter. Travel fee maybe added according to distance $5 or $10..

Payment:  Invoice Billing, Check or Credit Card  (Convenience fee 3%)

Mr. Adair is a registered piano technician.

Old Upright Pianos: These are old pianos that stand around 52" high.  Some have been cut down with a mirror across the top.  Regretfully we are no longer in a position to service these grand instruments of the past, but we can refer you to someone who does.

Piano Repair:  Broken strings, keys, hammers, key tops, castors, bench replacement, refinishing/ touch up, rebuilding, etc.  We are very familiar with all these needs and will do the work ourselves or refer you to competent sources.

Piano Parts:  We do not sell piano parts.  You may Google "Piano parts & supplies" for any item and purchase from the web.  Technical instruction, if you desire, is also available on the internet.

Contact info: Call 1-803-781-2143  - jadair1@sc.rr.com

We do not repair organs or digital pianos.  You may Google "Organ repair Columbia, SC" or "Digital/electronic piano repair Columbia, SC" for sources which can help you.  Unfortunately the Columbia area to our knowledge does not have a digital/electronic service available for musical instruments. We are desirous that one does come in the near future.